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I did something WAY crazy......again!

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Monday Night

I saw this post on facebook.  The use of a picture of Stephen and Steven during their visit to Birmingham last July.

(photo credit to Linda Zander)

BONUS:  There is a video.  See it here.

Tuesday Morning

I rec'd this email

10 minutes later......

After 10 minutes....

After another 10 minutes.....

What does this mean exactly?

1.  I am an official backer and proud sponsor.

2.  Should the project meet its goal of $86,000 by March 17th, a knitting reality show becomes a reality.

3.  I am on the hook for $$$$$.

4.  Explain to husband why there is a $$$$$ charge on the AMEX.

But seriously, it's not every day when an opportunity like this comes along.  A knitting reality show especially for knitters!  Help make this a realty for our friends, Steven Be and Stephen West.

Show your support and make a pledge today!


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