Lucy and Ruby's Brainy Day - and the winner is......

Posted by Patrick Higgins on 12th May 2015

Each year, the shop will contribute a prize to raise money for the Lucy and Ruby's Brainy Day event held right here in the heart of Cahaba Heights.   (If you are not familiar with this event, click here....but do come back as we reveal the winner.)   Scott Harris is not only a personal friend, he is the 3rd son of a very lovely customer at In the Making.   It is our pleasure to participate and support this worthwhile cause.    

This year, I decided to make a quilt.  It's a silly little lap quilt with lots of scrappy yellow-ness and a happy black and white straw and border.  The image?   A 'cuppa lemonade'.   

The quilt was on display in the shop the week leading up to the event.   Folks that have never been in the shop before, came out to show their support.   We did something a little different.  With each printed raffle ticket the buyer was given the option:  "If I win, please gift the prize to Lucy and Ruby".   

The event was last Saturday, May 9th from 10 - 2.   The shop sold raffle tickets during and after the event, until our 4:00 closing.   With fingers and toes crossed, we were hopeful the lucky winner checked that little box on their ticket.   

That's Lucy and Ruby!    They live just down the street from the shop.  This morning, I received an email from their 'Meme' (Scott's Mother) and it goes like this..........

On 5/12/2015 8:01 AM, Mary Harris wrote:

I was so sorry that the quilt was not at the auction.  I would have bid until I got it.  

I wanted to have "Lucy & Ruby's Brainy Day" monogrammed on it and have it for a family keepsake.  

Soooo sad over losing it.  

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My email response .......

Hi Mary Elaine -

PLEASE don't be sad. I decided to host a raffle to raise money. We collected $242. The winner will be announced in an email today, but since I have your attention, I will share.

Susan Barstein (who works in the shop) won the prize. On her raffle ticket, she elected the option to 'gift' the prize to Lucy and Ruby. With that said, the quilt stays in the family and you can do whatever you wish to do with it.

I am tickled because we raised more money than any one person would have paid at the event. A staff member won it. And she elected to gift the prize back to the girls.

OK, so I better get busy writing that email......

Have a great day!