Makers Dozen

Posted by Donna Higgins on 6th May 2015

The temperature did not exceed 80 degrees.  If there was a cloud in the sky, I didn't see it.   It was a Saturday like non-other (at least for this year).  We were delighted to host 13 local artisans that day complete with tents and tables.   May 2nd marked our '1st Annual Makers Dozen'.  Delighted to host the event.

Who knew the empty lot beside our shop was this level?  

We learned this particular location has full sun til noon.   The soap artisan can rest easy now. 

Each quote just gets better.  Tastefully done.

Husband said, 'we have robots!'.   Thought that was cute.  

Since our pets won't sit still for a photo, perhaps a Draw Dog portrait is in order.   Hmmmm?

What an inspiration to use what God has given us. 

I offered to donate empty wine bottles.   If you know me, I have plenty.

Husband reeeeeaaaaallllly wants this!   Suppose it could be a father's day gift. If it's still available.