What is a KAL?

A KAL (knit a-long) is a social event hosted in the shop which is typically led by a staff member.   Subject matter and skills required to complete the KAL will vary.   Limited instruction is provided during a KAL as it is not a 'class' rather an activity to bring folks together.   


What is the fee to participate in a KAL?

Our KAL's are always complimentary.  Supplies are not included.


What experience level is necessary to participate in a KAL?

Our KAL's are designed to bring folks together to work on a specific project.   If in doubt, just ask.   If you require project support beyond the scope of the KAL, we are happy to provide support with our complimentary 15 minute help session.


I have so much yarn already.   Do I have to buy new yarn for the KAL? 

Our KAL's are designed to help you in several ways but as it relates to yarn, we encourage you to work through your stash or better yet, let us help you compliment your stash with something fresh and new.  



Do you offer private lessons?

We sure do.   Private lessons are available at a time that works best for you and at a rate of $40 per hour.  Simply call to schedule a lesson with a staff member.