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The Barn Quilt Tour of Adams County, Ohio is a real thing and the inspiration behind our newest collection of Barn Raising Quilt patterns.   On a recent drive through Ohio, I couldn't help but notice colorful quilt squares painted on the side of weathered & chippy painted barns.   With many miles ahead of me, I began to investigate these beautiful works of art.    This is what I learned.

{ In Adams County, 20th Century ‘Mail Pouch’ ads adorning Ohio barns are being snuffed out by a 21st Century phenomenon – Barn Quilt Squares. The painted Barn Quilt Squares began when Donna Sue Groves wanted to create something to honor her mother’s passion, quilting, and did so with a large painting on the side of their barn. This sparked a movement that has swept Adams County. Adding to the serenity and charm of a lazy rural drive amidst the foothills of Appalachia, the “clothesline” of quilts highlights the adventure with its colorful display of unique artistry dotting the countryside. }

Inspired, I began to cut up fat quarters to replicate these massive works of art.   Yes, they're quick, easy and not much to them.  But as I shared with one customer, sometimes you just need to color with jumbo crayons.   

Hardin Country is the third in our pattern series.   It takes four 1/2 yard cuts, 4 FQ's or a yard for corners and 1 yard of background fabric.  Quilts from the tour measure at least 65" square.   Quilting design:  broken glass.

The pattern is available right here as a digital download.    Order the kit and we'll include a complimentary print version. 

Please indicate brights or pink floral at checkout.

We hope you'll join our barn raising tour and quilt a long with us in 2018.  




PS.  We'll do our best to build a quilt kit for you that we would make for ourselves.   Scrappy is just that, scrappy.  As with all colorways, it's up to you to arrange in an order that is pleasing to your own eye.