Stash Wooliams Enamel Pin

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Surrounded by yarn and fabric her entire life, McKenzie would prefer a sharp pencil and sketchbook.   With a passion for the art of animation, she has zero interest in taking over my fiber business.   She's been drawing since she could walk, and at age 17 has developed a unique drawing style that incorporates her love for animation.  Drawing is her creative outlet of choice.   And she's pretty good at it too! 

Allow me to introduce Stash!  The first member of the 'Wooliams Family'.  He’s my personal favorite because we all have it, stash!   Whether it be fabric or yarn, we can all relate.   Stash is now available as a collectible enamel pin.  Take a look at Jamie's knitting bag and see how she wears her Stash pin. 

With several Wooliams family members in the making, you'll want to stay tuned and collect them all.

Stash measures 1" in diameter with a single post attachment and rubber clasp.