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The Staff

Donna Higgins - owner

Donna's first knitting experience is a bit unorthodox.  As a stay at home mom, she was at a neighborhood playgroup and notice another mom, clicking away with her knitting itm-team.jpgneedles.    Curious, she asked what the other mother was knitting.  Before she knew it, she was off to a local yarn store for supplies.  She bought her first knitting/felting project and was hooked!  She couldn't get enough.  She hit every yarn store in town and bought everything in sight!

You see, she is first and foremost a seamstress.  She thought she loved to sew.   Her garage and basement became a sewing workshop.  At the time, she had been outfitting entire homes with custom designed & custom sewn window treatments.   She somehow managed to find the time to construct these rather huge works of art.  

Because the garage was filled with large work tables, the cars had to be parked outside.  This was a real problem with her husband.    She told him she thought they should move the workshop.  The move would allow her to leave work at work and get the house back in order.  But most importantly, there would be room inside the garage to park cars (note the sarcasm).   Does anyone see where this is going? 

Trying to make the numbers work, she thought she would sell yarn on the side.  Maybe designate 1 room for yarn?  Just enough to help pay the rent.   It was less than 1 month after learning to knit, that she signed a lease to occupy a little old house at the end of a dead end street.  She had yet to learn to purl.  She figured that would come eventually!

The shop opened for business December 2005 and was welcomed by Birmingham knitters with open arms.   So much that she outgrew the first location in the first year of business, and doubled floor space with each move thereafter.    While growing the business, the family expanded as well!  Now a mother of two, she can knit for either boy or girl!  

She loves knitting challenges.  Not challenging projects, but projects with a challenge.  What can be made with just 1 skein of yarn?  Or all complimentary yarns?  How can this garment be made eliminating any and all seams?  The wonderful staff makes it all happen.  If it weren't for them, the shop would not have made it through the last 6 years of raising children. 

She never did sew in her new workshop and eventually learned to how to purl.   Become friends with her on Ravelry as higgiknits.


Jamie Thomas

Jamie is a native of Chicago, and after a tour of the more colder regions of the country, landed in the warmth of the Southern sun.  She learned to knit as a child, picking it back up on and off overjaime2.jpg the years.  Her knitting is motivated by: celebrating the birth of a friend's baby, creating something, thanking a friend, relaxation, or comfort through tough times (as in the case of the loss of her daughter, Mia) - and sometimes she even ends up with a sweater. 

Her favorite projects combine knitting and crochet, and she loves notions, above all buttons.  She tends to gravitate towards neutral colors, especially gray.

When she's not knitting you may find her going for a run, or watching a movie with her son Riley.

She loves working at In the Making, and finds that it is a truly special place; and no matter why you knit Jamie will always welcome you with a smile and an invitation to pick out yarn for a new project - or point you to a place to just sit and knit.  Jamie is also a talented designer.  You can find her patterns under the name of Imagine Knit Designs.



Linda Medley


Linda was born on June 7th, is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and after living in 8 different places, has been calling Birmingham home for 23 years.linda-m-smaller-edited-1.jpg

She learned to knit from a next door neighbor when she was just 7 years old.  She learned the finer points from one of her best friends and still loves any opportunity to continue her education – even today.

Linda is a color “officiando” and marries color and texture whenever she can.  Her favorite color palette includes aqua, green, orange, black and white. She not only loves to knit, but quilts, weaves, beads, and paints.  She always has several projects going at once – variety is the spice of life!

Her cheering section consists of her husband, Jim, her 3 girls, and 4 ½ grandchildren (one is on the way).

Linda loves people and always has a smile for anyone who walks in the door at In the Making.  She loves her job and it shows.

You can find Linda on Ravelry as Rose the Ripper.


Robin Adams   

Robin is a native of Birmingham, AL, and ventured away only twice - to Auburn, AL, and Dallas, Tx, for short periods of time.  She learned to knit when she was 9 years old and decided during
a shopping trip to her local Woolworths to buy a book and some (really awful) yarn.  She taught her self and has been knitting ever since. 
Over the years she has learned from a multitude of teachers which included a hair salon owner who taught between clients, and a woman who knitted socks for the Red Cross during WWII.

She's always been a crafty gal, and also crochets, sews, smocks, needlepoints and cross stitches.  She will try anything that involves creating with her hands, and gets as much joy out of the process of creating as achieving the final result.

Her favorite yarns include Debbie Bliss Cashmerino chunky and Malabrigo.  Yum!

When she's not hanging out with those who share her passion for knitting, she spends time with her adoring husband of 29 years and 2 grown children.

Robin is a fearless knitter who loves helping others.  But watch out, if she spots a mistake she'll rip it out before you can blink! Her job at In the Making allows her to spread her yarn addiction far and wide.


Katie Beck


Katie Beck is originally from Hoover, Alabama and was born on January 21.   She has lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but would only move back so she could knit really warm and cute sweaters.   She loves to knit when she can, including in the movie theater (yes, you can see with the light  from the screen ).  Knitting is her passion.

She learned 3 and a half years ago after being forced to take a class with her mom.  But, she has also learned so much from working at In The Making!  Her favorite color is pretty much any color yarn can come in, which is quite a few.  But most of the stuff she knits is green.  Her favorite yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky because it's like knitting with heaven, literally, or anything cashmere (which she has yet to knit, but she still really likes it).   Her favorite type of project is one that has results instantly and isn't boring. 

Her favorite book(s) are the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.  Her favorite place to knit is anywhere she can be with other knitters!  She now attends Auburn University.  She'll work anytime while home visiting her parents.  Katie
keeps us young and hip!  This is her first job with no career change in sight.


Susan Barstein


Susan loves her job at In the Making because she enjoys the people she works with and she LOVES to knit! Susan learned to knit at her mother's knee when she was around 6 or 7 years old, and has been knitting ever since.  She finds the craft relaxing, fun, and challenging - all at the same time.  

Susan shares everyday life with a wonderful husband and 3 terrific kids, all ofwhom get to reap the benefits of her love of knitting!

She taught school for many years so she gets special enjoyment teaching others the craft.  She has many favorite fibers, but is currently enamored with Koigu.  She is using it to knit the barn raising quilt, a project that is quite addicting!

You can find Susan on Ravelry as Maxlabradoodle.




             Amie Opie


Amy Opie is a Birmingham native who took a ten year sabbatical to Ohio where she learned to knit and sew at the insistence of her new "Northern" friends. (Notice I didn't say Yankee) Sewing became her craft of choice where she gets to use her creative juices to design whimsical aprons and tote bags... among other things.

Knitting and crochet took a back seat for a few years until a certain someone's Log Cabin Quilt inspired her to to pick up those knitting needles again. Still considered a "New" knitter, Amy says she learns more and more each day. And is currently building a yarn stash to match her fabric stash!

She and her Husband Tom are happy to be back down South closer to family and old friends. 

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