United Scraps of America Print Pattern

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United Scraps of America

the melting pot it is, captured here in a treasured scrappy arrangement of prints and colors.  Be sure to highlight home in a special way.  A special print or embroidered heart.   


Stretch finished map over canvas to mount, or use as a focal piece in a quilt or floor pillow.

Embellish each state capital with a small do-dad, such as a button, snap, etc.  

Enlarge or reduce template as desired.  

A smaller version would be charming in a camper to record places traveled while a larger version would be ideal in a classroom as a teaching tool that can be used year after year.

Approximate Finished Size:   44" x 54"

Supplies:   1.5 yard solid for backing, 50 scrap pieces (one for each state), 2.5 yards of fusible webbing and thread to outline each state

This item is a print copy of the pattern, including instructions and templates to be used over and over.